Steps in Signboard Designing

Steps in Signboard DesigningIf you are to create a signboard of your own, how would you make it? Would metal signage choose the material first or should you start with the sketch of the design beforehand? Do you find it difficult to decide on which step should come first and which should come later? Well, […]

Palm Oil Foods

There are billions of foods available in this world, but how many of them have involved palm oil as their ingredients? Palm oil is well known as one of the best ingredients for our health. Everything about palm, palm oil, palm tree, palm leaf and so on, all can be fully utilized in many different […]

Top Poultry Supplier in Singapore

Poultry is everywhere here in good old Singapore. It’s in your mee goreng, your nasi ayam, your chicken curry or your chicken bucket meal. It is everywhere and we are just absolute lovers of chicken! Chicken rice is also another popular dish that everyone in Singapore loves. But with so many poultry suppliers around the […]

Why You Should Find A Job In Malaysia

Why You Should Find A Job In MalaysiaDo you want to try your luck in a foreign country? Are you not satisfied with your current situation? The world is quite wide and if you want to explore it, you should do so while you are still able. There are so many opportunities that are just […]

Honor Band 4 Running

Accurate Fitness Data The algorithm developed by Honor dedicated to making sure that every step taken is accurately recorded. The increased processing power of the new six-axis sensor, coupled with Foot Mode and the upgraded running posture monitoring algorithm raises the accuracy of running distance measured to over 95%.\ Specification Colour : Red, Green Display: […]