Tips in Saving Your Phone from Water Damage

It is not the end of the world if you accidentally drop your phone into a bucket of water as long as you were able to get it back right away. There is still something you can do. Check this out:

• Never turn it on
• Don’t try to charge it
• Don’t push any buttons at all

• Don’t bang your phone, or even shake it
• No blowing as the water might only get into the innermost part of the phone and can damage some spare parts.
• Do not blow-dry or use any form of heat as the effects will still be the same as above.
Remove the sim or any card from their slots.
• Try to open the back, if your phone will allow it and dab the water with a cloth gently to avoid it from getting further into the phone.
• Send to a repair shop. A phone repair specialist will know what to do to save your phone if it is still not too late.

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At times like this, a phone expert can be your best shot. This is a delicate matter, and this must be attended at once. So, just go look for the best ipad repair services kuala lumpur near you right away.

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