Are you looking into getting a new property? How about owning a condo? Luckily, Honor Malaysia is collaborating with EdgeProp! When you purchase a condo under Edgeprop, you stand a chance to win HiHonor smartphones. Exclusively only for condo units. Why condo? Well, read on to find out how great it is to own a condominium!

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Are you planning to buy a property? What type of property do you want? A condominium is one of the many options when it comes to property and if you are observant, you will surely see that condos are built almost everywhere and more of them are really at the heart of where the action is.
Verve suites klcc is one of the developers of a condominium. As a matter of fact, they can accommodate you right away if you are planning to buy one. One thing though, the verve suites mont kiara properties are designed for the high-end market, and thus you might find out their properties are more expensive. However, you will find out as well that by seeing their properties, it is really right that they are more expensive.

Before we go to the details of the Verve Suites KL South properties, let us first tackle the many reasons why buying a condo is quite advantageous.

Here are the following reasons:

1. Most condo units come with first-class amenities. Well, of course, there is a maintenance fee. However, it will be more costly if you want to have your own pool and other things. At least once you own one of the units of a condo, the amenities also come with the contract.

2. As mentioned above, most condos are at the heart of busy locations like maybe near some schools, airports, malls and so on. The reason is that this is what will allure the buyers. And because of that, the resale value of a condo is also expensive.

3. If you noticed, there are now so many employees that are working far from their home. Thus, they opt to rent so as not to be late in going to work and will just go back home once or twice a month. So, depending on the location, finding a renter for your condo will be easy. But of course, you have to market it properly in the right places so it will be known. Note that even in this kind of business, the competition is tough.

4. Parents prefer their kids who are studying far from home to just rent a condo. They find this more favourable than if their kids will have to commute every day that will not just make them late, at the same time, will also put them at risks, especially that there are now so many bad people on the streets and even in jeepneys for that matter.

5. The good thing with buying a condo is it is a lot cheaper than buying an apartment. For example, Marc Service Residence would be the better option for an affordable price. It is understandable though since each unit is not built directly on a piece of land. Aside from that, you don’t need that much to start processing the purchase of a condo. There is just a certain amount you need to pay and then, you can start with the monthly mortgage. If you are still a bachelor, this should be a good way to start in shaping your career, even if you are also working at the same time.

6. Less maintenance. That is right, living in a condo generates less maintenance since you will be sharing some of the utility bills with the other tenants of the building.

7. You can say that this is an ideal business space. You have the option to live in it, have it rented or turn it into an office if you are running your own business. Just like other businesses, you will find that they use a condo as their office.

Yes, having your own condo even at a young age is quite advantageous. However, if you want something more suitable for a family, if you are a married person or soon to be married and is planning to buy a property for your future family, Verve Suites Jalan Kiara 5 and Marc Service Residence KLCC can also accommodate you. They have many properties that are ready to move in. You can be assured that if you want to impress your future wife or your future in-laws, you can do that with any of the properties of Verve Suites or Marc Residence. After all, their properties like their apartments or condos are designed for the high-end market.

They should be elegant and stylish with all the latest and trendy furnishings. But of course, you should not just trust my word. Instead, you can check their website and see for yourself the slideshows of their properties. I am pretty sure that you will be more enticed to get one as they are really the best.