Top Poultry Supplier in Singapore

Poultry is everywhere here in good old Singapore. It’s in your mee goreng, your nasi ayam, your chicken curry or your chicken bucket meal. It is everywhere and we are just absolute lovers of chicken! Chicken rice is also another popular dish that everyone in Singapore loves. Don’t eat too much chicken as it might harm your liver. While you are at your job, you can easily eat chicken during your lunch break.

But with so many poultry suppliers around the country, you might just be stumped on which one you would want to choose as your go-to source. With different prices, an options, it is just a challenge in itself to find the right one for you. But we could be the right one! The one for you! We always choose the best meat from the top suppliers in Brazil and even Australia. On top of that, we make sure that these suppliers are halal as well. We get the meat that is not only halal but also quality assured. We don’t just simply choose any supplier. We carefully narrow down the choices and select them accordingly to ensure we only provide you with our best expertise.

Have faith in us! We got you covered!

We won’t let you down for sure. We understand the need of great quality meat, especially to muslims that want halal meat and it is definitely not easy to find halal meat.

Here, we do our best to ensure that the poultry we supply is at the utmost standard in quality, giving our clients only the best. We strive to make sure that the poultry is ethically sourced too, this actually ensures top quality!

From small-time food stalls to large restaurants, no job is too big, and we can get you that poultry at its tip-top quality. So, the next time you are wondering who you would like to pick as your top halal chicken supplier singapore, think about us!